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A ritual of empathy

The workshop „A Ritual of Empathy“ is elaborated as a guided improvisational movement practice. The training aims to reinforce the body´s senses, and it evolves following the group of participants. The idea is to let intuition be the mechanism to drive movements. Regarding aesthetics, we seek a malleable body able to change, transform, and to have the ability to communicate.


Photo: @Building-Actions in Heidelberg


In the dance workshop „A Ritual of Empathy“, Leonardo guides participants through an improvisational practice. The idea is to enhance intuition, letting body and mind work on the same level. In this way, I hope you can elaborate your concepts around boundaries in the context of individual and collective space.


What is contained in the body beyond what we can see and know? Moving on to this question, we play with the material and immaterial body´s territory, movements, expressions, desires and dreams. We interact through touch, scanning the body, observing how we relate to one another, and using dance to uncover the invisible layers of the body. The class will provide tasks generated as a ritualistic practice using visualization methods and sensory work. We will provoke the body to release stored experiences, potentiating desires and wishes through movement.

Photo: @Building-Actions in Heidelberg


Participants work on their attributes of body presence and confidence engaging to the highest level of expression.


The aesthetic of movement can vary in accordance to the participants body languages and needs.

All and all, the workshop bases on fluidity. Movements that are malleable and able to change. We will together search for a body that is flexible and firm, permeable, softy and consistent.

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