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Leonardo Rodrigues Santos
(short story)

Leonardo (he/they) is an enthusiastic artist born in the Afro-diasporic city of Salvador da Bahia in the Northeast of Brazil. Interacting in society as a freelance artist in the field of dance, they entice onlookers’ attention to the area of dance education and performance. Identity and identification are central topics in their artistic process. Leonardo’s work seeks to potentialize the body’s expression focusing on it as a medium to connect with external space, other bodies and the environment. They seek to provoke actions based on sensations and visualizations using ludic improvisational tools to explore individual and collective experiences. Their movement research brings into awareness how bodies can create ties affecting other bodies, by feeling objects and boosting desires.

leonardo Rodrigues portray
Ancre 1

"My focus is on movement research and dance dissemination, staying far from conventional educational models. I believe in conquering achievements in a slow and constructive daily process seeking to empower people by providing space support and open dialogue. I work to create a porous space that requires openness, honesty, and the ability to communicate with respect between people."

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